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Make each day
a new masterpiece

Each day our bakers start the day at the crack of dawn. 
We bake a variety of pastries, cookies, tarts and biscuits. Our store is filled with aromas of cinnamon, toasted almonds, flaky croissants and Danish pastries. What a way to start the day!


Our philosophy

We are a family-owned pastry and cake shop specialising in freshly baked goods such as sourdough bread, delicious cakes, rugalach, Danish pastries, croissants and assorted savouries. Each Friday we make our world-famous challah.


As an artisanal bakery, we believe in making fresh products using traditional methods. Everything is hand-made, daily in small batches.

Using the best ingredients, our products are seasonal and our range may change according to the season.

Our products

Our products are free from any preservatives and artificial ingredients.
We have a range of gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy-free products.

Check out our favourites:


Plain Croissant

Buttery and Freshly baked

Pain au Chocolate 

Pastry wrapped around a stick of chocolate

Cinnamon Scroll

Big, fluffy rolls packed with brown sugar

Cherry Vanilla Danish

Pastry with layers of buttery, fluffy dough with sweet cherries and cream cheese filling


Flourless Chocolate

Gluten-Free Fudgey chocolate 

Raspberry Brownie

A full chocolate flavour, mushy and gooey topped with fresh sweet raspberries

Lemon Berry 

Refreshing with natural flavours

Carrot Cake 

Super moist crumb, hidden under a layer of cream cheese frosting


Chocolate Brownie 

Chewy, chocolatey and decadent

Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Level up with brown butter, chopped chocolate and a dash of salt on top

Gingerbread Man

Moisty sweet and spicy

Pecan Maple

Toasted pecans full of rich maple flavour

Dana Patisserie_Cinnamon scroll.jpg
Dana Patisserie_Lemon Berry .jpg
Dana Patisserie_Raspberry Brownie.jpg
Dana Patisserie_Carrot Cake.jpg
Dana Patisserie_Chocolate Brownie .jpg
Dana Patisserie_Chocolate Chip Cookies .jpg
Dana Patisserie_Gingerbread Man.jpg
Our Products

Our Team

As a team we take pride in our "always refine" attitude, creating unique products that are traditional yet innovative for our customers.


“Whatever you do,
with determination.
have one life to live;
your work with passion

don't stop learning 

and give your best.”

- Dana Rosenweld

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Thank You

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